No time to market your business?

Boccone Creative provides creative virtual assistant services for established entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Focus on running your business

From managing your social media feeds and creating weekly blog content to designing lead magnets and creating successful e-marketing campaigns, it’s easy to see how marketing your business consistently can take time away from running it effectively. As your virtual assistant, Janet Boccone works seamlessly behind the scenes to help you manage your marketing to-do list so you can focus on the core tasks of running ― and growing ― your business.


Discover how freeing it can be to hand off the tasks that have been clogging your schedule and your mind. As your creative virtual assistant, Janet can keep you from getting bogged down in the details and help you get back to doing what you do best: managing your business.


Hiring a virtual assistant is fast becoming the norm for savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether you choose to pay by the project, by the hour or take advantage of a monthly plan, you only pay for the time required to complete the required tasks. Unlike working with an employee, there’s no worry about payroll, vacation pay, benefits or sick days. No need to purchase additional equipment and no employee downtime for training.


Running a business is just part of who you are. Working with a virtual assistant means you can spend less time on the minutiae of your work day and more time enjoying life outside the office.

Do what you love.

Let Boccone Creative handle the rest.

“I know several talented writers, editors and designers, but only a handful of people who are gifted at all three. Janet is one of those rare few. I have worked with Janet on a number of projects and know her to be a dynamic and creative writer; a meticulous, eagle-eyed editor; and an inspired and talented designer. Her understanding of publicity and advertising completes her multilayered approach to her work. I recommend Janet for any project for which nothing less than excellent will do.” Sherry Hinman | Owner, The Write Angle

“It’s tough to settle on one title for all the hats that Janet wears. She has assisted us in designing a new website, complete with content, layout, new images. She was especially helpful in liaising with the IT technicians to make our ideas a reality. While Janet has helped us for years in writing our blog and proofreading documents, every day we are learning about new ways she can share her expertise. Thank you so much for making us look good, Janet!” Jackie Schagen | General Manager/Designer, Monarch Kitchen Bath & Home

Boccone Creative is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants.
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